Eight Slides? Really?

2016GMISPresentationI typically start my presentations by joking about how long I can talk… and on the topic of emergency communications using digital and social media, I could talk for days.  So, imagine how hard it was to put together a few slides for a 45 minutes session, during which I’m one of four (yes, four) panelists.  By my calculation, leaving 10 minutes for questions, that leaves me about 8.5 minutes. And, of course, that assumes no other speaker goes over 8.5 minutes.  Any chance that might happen?

In my allotted time at the 2016 NJ GMIS TEC Conference, I plan to cover

  • The Whole Community Approach to a Communications Plan
  • Engaging Your Community
  • Proposed “Actions” from Sustainable Jersey
    • Emergency Communications Planning
    • Vulnerable Population Identification in Emergencies
  • Thinking and Acting Regionally
  • Not Reinventing the Wheel
  • Connecting with Others in this Arena

The presentation is online at SlideShare.net/ChazNJ/emergency-communications.


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