Synthesizing Important Info to Fit a Poster

I’ve never put together a poster presentation. I’ve always presented at sessions, with PPT slides as my guide. So, when my proposal to present “The Double-Edged Sword of the Social Network” was accepted as a poster presentation, not a session presentation, I was a bit disappointed. It is, however, an interesting effort to take a session and turn it into a poster.

I’ve had to go through the presentation and synthesize the message. Today, I recieved an email asking me to provide the WCDM Conference folks with a few pieces of information so they can market the various poster presentation. Another opportunity to really hone in on the point of the presentation… errr… poster.

So, you already know the title: “The Double-Edged Sword of the Social Network”, but what does that mean? The subtitle is more enlightening: “Policies, Publishers and Purchasing Impacts”. How about “Don’t Jump in the Social Media Waters Without these Lifesaving Tools”?

This poster will cover internal policies, commenting policies, gov’t purchasing impacts and impediments, records retention issues and more. Now, how to fit all that really important info on one 4′ x 3′ poster board.


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