APCO 2017

On Tuesday, Rebecca Williams and I are presenting “Whole Community Digital Communications Planning” and “The Proper Tool is Everything: Affordable Social Media Tools” at #APCO2017. These are critically important topics for any local government. 

It’s no longer a question of whether your jurisdiction will face a crisis. It’s a question of when. All will face a crisis at some point. Waiting for that crisis to figure out who will post and how they’ll post is NOT a plan.  If you are suddenly assigned the task of monitoring and posting to social media, our sessions will give you the guidance you need to successfully manage this task.

Citizens need information during a crisis and today the majority reach for mobile devices and social media. Governments need to be there 24×7 during an event. Events don’t sleep and neither do worried citizens. Information sharing is key to keeping citizens calm. Social media is a perfect mechanism to answer questions. It also helps keep 9-1-1 lines open for true, life threatening emergencies.

Going to #APCO2017? We hope you’ll attend our sessions to learn about effective planning and execution of your whole community digital communication plan.


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