Bastrop County & #HurricaneHarvey

Rain gauges show portions of Bastrop County TX with up to 18″ of rain yesterday. More is due today. Shelter in place if you can. If not, the county has two shelters open now and a third opening this afternoon. Check the Bastrop County OEM page for the current status of shelters.

Consider checking in on Facebook’s Safety Check and sharing the link so others can do so as well: This is a good way for family and friends to know you are safe.

Sunday 5PM update (see presser on FB live): All of Bastrop County has received at least 10″ of rain, with gauges showing 20.3″ up to 24″ in Smithville. There are 120 county roads and highways barricaded. Do not move or go around barricades. This risks your life and those of the first responders who have to rescue you. There have been 8 arrests already for this and officials are serious about enforcing the law. All three shelters have space: Bastrop, Elgin & Smithville.

Tomorrow will begin damage assessment. Be sure to document any #HurricaneHarvey damage to your home or property. Take lots of pictures. Should there be individual FEMA assistance, photos before and after will be invaluable.

Sunday morning update: Judge Paul Pape asks that residents assume roads are closed and not venture out unless absolutely necessary. More rain is due. On Monday, all general services and administrative offices for Bastrop County, the City of Bastrop, and the City of Smithville are closed. All Bastrop County courts are closed. Bastrop, Elgin, McDade and Smithville ISD schools are closed on Monday.

Press conferences are streamed live on the Bastrop County OEM Facebook page.

Important Links:

  1. Bastrop County OEM on Facebook:
  2. Bastrop County OEM on Twitter:
  3. Map of flooded roadways:
  4. NWS Map of stream gauges:
  5. LCRA Map of stream gauges, rainfall and more:
  6. Report an electrical outage to Bluebonnet: or call 1-800-949-4414 (24×7)
  7. Bluebonnet Outage Map:
  8. Sign up for emergency notices by text, email or phone at
  9. FEMA information about being prepared:
  10. National Weather Service for San Antonio/Austin:
  11. National Weather Service for San Antonio/Austin on Twitter: @NWSSanAntonio
    (desktop access without an account is
  12. Bastrop County OEM website (alerts):

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