Eight Days and One Letter

Just eight days ago, I wrote about the beginning of the recovery phase of #HurricaneHarvey, the “H” hurricane.  Today, I write about the “I” hurricane, the impending disaster known as #HurricaneIrma or just #Irma.

#Irma is the strongest Atlantic hurricane ever, at this point.  Coming right on the heels of #HurricaneHarvey, people are hopefully taking this seriously and evacuating as ordered, and as makes sense.

While the location of #Irma may be different, the preparedness tips (if you are not evacuating) are the same.

  • Pack a go-bag. Remember to involve your children in preparedness. (https://www.ready.gov/kids/build-a-kit)
  • Have sufficient prescription medications for at least a week.
  • Collect your ID’s and important papers.  Secure them so they won’t get wet and put them in your go-bag.  Be sure your go-bag is located by where you plan to exit if you have to leave.
  • If you have a private well, fill your bathtub(s) with water so you have some if power goes out.
  • Freeze water in plastic bags. That will give you drinking water when it thaws and will keep your food longer in your freezer should the power go out for a lengthy period of time.
  • Fill your cars with gas.
  • If you have a gas driven chain saw, be sure you have sufficient gas and oil.
  • Charge every device you have, and if you have those little chargers, be sure they are charged as well.
  • Consolidate your battery stock in one place.
  • Find all your flashlights and put them in strategic places around your house.
  • Put away or tie down anything outside that could be a projectile with high winds.

Getting Key Information to your Devices:

Find your municipal or county Office of Emergency Management on Facebook or Twitter. Like the page on Facebook or follow it on Twitter.

To ensure you get messages from them first up on your Facebook timeline, under their cover photo, click “Following” (once you have liked the page). A window will open up where you can select how you get notifications. Under “In Your News Feed”, choose “See First”. After the storm has passed, you can change this back to a default setting. This works for any page you have liked on Facebook.

Did you know you can get tweets sent to your phone as text messages? To do so, send a text to 40404 and key in follow @[twitter handle you want to follow]. For example, to get FEMA tweets as text messages to your phone, send a text to 40404 that says follow @FEMA.


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