Rebecca Williams

Headshothighres-RebeccaWilliamsRebecca Williams is the managing administrator of JoplinTornadoInfo, an interactive grassroots disaster recovery Facebook community that became a major communication source and resource directory in the aftermath of the May 22, 2011 EF-5 Joplin tornado. She is co-author of “The Use of Social Media for Disaster Recovery”. Rebecca is co-creator of the Disaster Info Model developed using lessons learned from Joplin Tornado Info and subsequent Disaster Info Model social media disaster recovery, preparedness and disease mitigation efforts. These efforts include Joplin Tornado Info, Neosho Tornado Info (a proactive community preparedness model) and Ebola Virus Info.

She has presented lessons learned in Joplin and the disaster info model, pioneered with her daughter Genevieve, at conferences including NAGW, St. Louis University Sustainability Conference , IOM , Quad Cities Disaster Readiness Conference and Natural Hazard Mitigation Association.

Rebecca has worked as a crisis intervention specialist, psychiatric nurse, home health and labor & delivery nurse. She has experience in radio, television and cable television broadcasting, sales, copywriting, public relations and voice over work. Rebecca is managing partner of Your Net Working and Disaster Info Team.

Rebecca is dedicated to promoting whole community disaster recovery social media infrastructure preparedness.